Old Game, New Gold: What Is Saudi Arabia Planning With Golf?

By:  Gary Grappo

PGA and LIV Golf merge, surprising sports, media, and corporate sectors; Saudi sovereign wealth fund becomes major player.

Golf merger reshapes gameplay, highlights Saudi Arabia's rising profile in a money-driven world of today's era.

Golf's lucrative purses attract Saudi Arabia's investment, leading to the creation of LIV Golf and disrupting the PGA.

PGA leadership and loyal golfers marginalized as LIV Golf, backed by Saudi Arabia, sparks controversy due to human rights concerns.

PGA bans defected players, boosts tournament prizes, and intensifies lobbying efforts, but struggles to match Saudi Arabia's wealthy PIF.

Sports' global popularity and lucrative nature make them a prime choice for diversification and substantial financial growth.

Golf's monopoly challenged as Saudi Arabia's PIF disrupts PGA and DP World with significant investment, opening new possibilities.

Congress investigates Saudi influence in golf, potentially impacting tax-exempt status of the "cherished American institution."