No Simple Answers For Portugal’s Drug Decriminalization Policy

Portugal's drug reform in 2001 was effective but faces challenges today. The role of decriminalization is crucial.

Portugal transformed drug response, reducing HIV cases. A change model akin to "Leading Successful Change" was key.

Portugal treated addiction as an illness, removed drug distinctions, and focused on relationships for recovery.

Goulão's approach: Restore dignity, provide essential tools, stabilize drug use, and offer assistance.

Portugal aimed to change addicts' environment to reduce addiction's impact on individuals and society.

Portugal's approach aligns with the Work System Model, addressing eight work environment aspects for change.

Portugal's strategy: Shift from courts to CDTs, use mobile teams, professionals, decriminalization, treatment, and penalties.

Measure costs, educate, and empower treatment officials in decision-making to address drug addiction comprehensively.