No Justice for Victims Under Nepal’s Maoist Prime Minister

Nepal transitioned from a Hindu monarchy to a secular democracy with a tumultuous history, including a civil war.

Nepal's PM Prachanda began his third term, denying child soldier recruitment allegations during the insurgency.

Critical documents lacked "child soldiers" mention, leaving Nepal troubled by 27 years of conflict and violence.

Dahal admitted to 5,000 deaths, leaving questions about the conflict's purpose and unpunished war crimes.

Image Credit: Comrade Prachanda/ Twitter

Victims' families fear justice may be elusive with Maoists in the coalition, citing a teacher's brutal murder.

Adhikari's family, seeking justice, approached NHRC, but their hope remains dim due to commissions' political ties.

Adhikari fears the commissions prioritize amnesty for war criminals over delivering justice and safeguarding victims.

In 2007, UNMIN blocked 3,000 child soldiers from Nepal Army, they sought compensation and justice for war crimes.