No End In Sight For America’s Ruthless Drone Warfare

Zubair told Congress he prefers gray skies, as drones don't fly. His testimony shed light on drone warfare.

U.S. drones killed American citizens Anwar al-Awlaki and son, adviser's controversial remark followed.

US drone warfare: grim tales, post-9/11 rhetoric blames Muslims, callous dismissal of their deaths in strikes.

US drone warfare program persists for 3 decades, with no reflection on failures or plans for cessation.

Carney (2013): Drones protect US, target al-Qaeda threats, minimize harm to innocents with precision strikes.

Byman (9/11 Commission): Drones vital, cost-effective, low risk, save lives with minimal civilian harm.

War on Terror widens gap between American and Muslim lives, favoring US and allies' value and safety.

US airstrikes in War on Terror: 22,679-48,308 civilian deaths, driven by drone warfare dehumanization.