BY: Atul Singh

New START Out: Is Nuclear War Back in Fashion?

Putin's speeches on Kremlin website are compelling, but sound more strident in Russian. He argues Ukraine was created by Russia.

Putin's February speech and July article reveal Russian resentment and Putin's paranoia in his long-term narrative.

Putin complains about NATO's expansion and accuses the US-led West of seeking "unlimited power," killing and creating refugees.

Putin accused the West of spending $150bn on helping Ukraine, while the G7 earmarked $60bn to help poor countries.

Putin announced Russia's suspension from the New START Treaty, aimed at reducing nuclear warheads and their delivery vehicles.

New START Treaty limits nuclear warheads and delivery systems between the US and Russia, extended through February 4, 2026.

START negotiations began in 1982 and led to the signing of START I Treaty in 1991. Russia signed New START Treaty in 2010.

Russia has suspended its participation in the New START Treaty and put conditions to discuss NATO's nuclear arsenals.