BY: James M. Dorsey

New 21st Century World Order: Nation State vs Civilizational State

Biden reduces Ukraine war to autocracy vs. democracy, downplaying the fundamental stakes: shaping the new 21st-century world order.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine shows a trend where leaders prioritize civilizational identity over national boundaries and international law.

Leaders like Putin use denial of others and authoritarianism to justify invasions, like claiming Ukrainians as a nation don't exist.

Xi Jinping, Netanyahu, Erdogan, Modi, and Orban disregard Taiwan, maritime rights, and Palestinians due to superiority and exceptionalism.

Israel's 2018 nation-state law prioritized Jewish identity, leading to criticism of Jewish superiority and Arab marginalization.

According to Ehud Neor, Israel's purpose is to fulfill Biblical prophecy and serve a global mission through Judaism.

Erdogan portrays Turkey as a generous patriarch, providing care to those in need with Ottoman-inspired Muslim charity and solidarity.

Erdogan and Modi embrace exceptionalism, blending tolerance with the belief in the superiority of their respective civilizations.