Nepal’s Prime Minister Visits China to Talk Trade and Energy

Prachanda's China visit reflects Nepal's evolving role in global connectivity and cooperation in diplomacy.

Image Credit: Comrade Prachanda / Twitter

Landlocked Nepal prioritizes energy, relies on India for oil, and balances relations with China and India.

Prachanda's India visit strengthens energy ties, Modi aims for 10,000 MW power imports from Nepal.

India dominates Nepal's economy, buying 80% of exports and supplying 61% of imports, with growing trade.

China: 15% imports, $5.39M exports, infrastructure investment, port access, Himalayan railway, multilateral diplomacy.

Prachanda visit: Nepal as regional energy hub, deals with Bangladesh, potential export agreement with China.

Image Credit: Comrade Prachanda / Twitter

Nepal seeks dignity, unity, and balanced foreign policy for regional development and global cooperation.

In summary, Nepal's diplomacy aims for regional prosperity and peace through unique priorities.