Narendra Modi's Consequential US Trip

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India, a vibrant democracy, once aligned with the Soviet Union, not a traditional US ally, with Nehru favoring Soviet socialism.

India shifted to the US since 1991, now strategic partners with tech collaborations and trade resolutions. Promising future ahead.

Biden and Modi's state visit signifies a real change in Indo-US relations, going beyond mere symbolism and goodwill.

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Tensions with China made the US view India as an ally, but India remains cautious due to its colonial past.

Nehru led Non-Aligned Movement, avoiding US/Soviet dependence. US actions in Iran, support to Pakistan strained trust.

2020s see India-US closeness, driven by shared fear of rising China, not just commonalities or Indian minority influence.

China's rise and border tensions compel India and the US, as imperfect democracies, to unite against common threats.

India, now young, vibrant, and assertive, won't shy away from great power conflict. It values the US as a key ally.