BY: Philip Goldberg

My Abiding Love Affair With India

India: Exhilarating, transformative, and sublime, yet exhausting, maddening, and stressful—a land of contradictions and extremes.

My love for India, sparked by cinematic experiences in the 1960s, continues through frequent visits and tour leadership.

The mesmerizing trilogy's depiction of life, tradition, and Benares compelled me to visit the city that left a profound impact.

Enchanting visuals matched by enthralling score with unique instruments. Ravi Shankar's music for the trilogy introduced sitar to 1960s.

India became more than a tourist spot, it became the source of profound wisdom, transforming my worldview and life.

Restless and seeking answers, counterculture and influential authors introduced me to India's spiritual heritage. Meditation transformed my life.

1970 plan: India trip for Transcendental Meditation training changed to Rockies. For 30 years, circumstances hindered my India visits.

In 2001, I discovered my spiritual homeland: Delhi, Rishikesh, Varanasi, Kumbha Mela, Khajuraho, Vrindavan, and the awe-inspiring Taj Mahal.