Morocco Make up Causes Spain Economic Loss in Algeria

By:  Youssef Igrouane

Spain-Algeria trade hit by suspension of friendship treaty due to Spain recognizing Morocco's autonomy plan for Western Sahara.

Spain colonized Western Sahara from 1884 to 1976. The Sahrawi nationalist movement, Polisario Front, fought against Spanish rule.

Spain faced pressure to withdraw from Western Sahara, announcing a referendum, but it was suspended by the UNSG.

ICJ: No territorial link between Western Sahara and Morocco/Mauritania, King Hassan II called for peaceful march.

Western Sahara vital for Morocco: sovereignty, economy. Rich in rock phosphate, 3rd largest export. Key for fishing, food supply.

Morocco-Spain ties chilled by Ghali's admission, crisis resolved as Madrid supports Western Sahara autonomy plan.

Spain's policy change improves ties with Morocco but sparks Algerian economic blockade, leading to significant export losses.

Spanish exports to Algeria hit hard, hurting Valencia and Catalonia, seeking EU support, failed resolution attempt.