BY: Mohammad Jawad Ali Aqa

More Talk Than Action From the G7 on Afghanistan

G7 confronted Afghanistan crisis: women's treatment, inclusive government, minority rights. Key global concerns for G7.

G7 addressed Afghanistan crisis but response lacked assertiveness. Balanced critique with engagement, raising questions about commitment.

G7's commitment to international order is crucial in countering lawlessness, like in Afghanistan and Russia's nuclear threat.

G7 missed opportunity to uphold rule of law in addressing Afghanistan crisis and supporting transition to inclusive government.

Taliban rule in Afghanistan violates international principles, G7's responsibility to address the crisis and protect rights.

Taliban's rule violates women's rights, poses danger to international order. Lawlessness must be challenged to prevent normalization.

G7's statement against repression is a positive step, but action and strategic initiatives are needed for meaningful change.

G7's focus on diplomacy and sanctions falls short. Inclusive response needed, considering voices and perspectives of Afghan women.