Money Matters: Revealing Who Is Holding Billions of US Banknotes

Shift perspective: Glass is transparent due to atomic emptiness, money is debt, rethink our understanding of both.

US currency revelation: $2.3 trillion total, $6,998 per capita, challenging views on tangible wealth.

Consider cash held by banks, SMEs, ATMs, and various entities, total cash holdings exceed official figures.

Mystery remains: $1.8 trillion cash, $5,375 per capita, with much held overseas, the missing money puzzle.

Federal Reserve's currency: It's a liability but also "free" debt, enabling investments and earning seigniorage.

Federal Reserve profits $126.5 billion annually, $88 billion from foreign-held dollar bills, a unique arrangement.

US dollar's global utility: Used alongside or instead of local currencies, often due to currency devaluation.

US dollar's global role: Used alongside or instead of local currencies, essential for stability and trade.