Me First, America 19th, the Planet Last

Climate crisis escalates: Gulf Stream collapse, heat records. Urgent action needed. Wildfires, scorching seas, global impact.

June, July heat records. 2023 likely hottest year. Prevailing warmest eight years suggest enduring trend. Boredom ahead.

Amid widespread fires, more CO2 released, intensifying future heat. Ongoing updates could bring alarming additions.

UN Chief Guterres: "Global warming" replaced by "global boiling." Fossil fuel profits soar as operations expand.

UN's Guterres shifts from "global warming" to "global boiling." Fossil fuel profits soar, expansion persists, despite concerns.

Companies knew climate impact, funded denial, now cover assets. China leads alternative energy, yet builds coal plants.

Sweating on extreme planet. Texas heat, GOP limits renewables, promotes gas. Contradictions in climate action.

Skip DeSantis, Florida's climate-denying governor, for a close view of American extremism and contradictory politics.