Martin Amis: Obituary of a Great Literary Maverick

By:  Vikram Zutshi

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Farewell to literary maverick Martin Amis, an enfant terrible who pushed boundaries, sparked controversy, and left a remarkable legacy.

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Born in 1949, Martin Amis defied convention with charismatic and polarizing writing, challenging social norms and literary conventions.

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Amis' debut, The Rachel Papers (1973), was sharp and irreverent. Dead Babies (1975) scandalously showcased his dark humor.

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Money: A Suicide Note (1984) skewered 1980s excess and yuppie culture with razor-sharp wit, captivating and provoking readers.

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Amis's London Fields (1989) was a morally ambiguous masterpiece, delving into desire, manipulation, and blurred morality in London.

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Amis defied conventions with Time's Arrow (1991), narrating a Nazi doctor's story in reverse, intriguing and perplexing readers.

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Amis's The Information (1995) critiqued literary pretensions, reflecting his own experiences and sparking debates on hypocrisy.

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Amis courted controversy, fearlessly tackling sensitive issues and dividing readers with his unapologetic opinions and shocking language.

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