India’s Urban Middle Class Craves Better Quality of Life

Socialist India is gone, Indians now travel, study, and connect globally, embracing a new international outlook.

Indians wonder why cities resemble slums with disrepair, potholed roads, sewage, unclean water, and widespread waste.

Middle-class Indians aspire for world-class cities, not war-ravaged trash towns, seek development and progress.

India's economic growth caused city deterioration, overwhelmed infrastructure, and failed urban authorities.

Indian cities taxed, revenue shifted to rural areas. Urban middle class bears burden, gains little in return.

Historically, urban neglect didn't affect parties. India, agrarian in past, now urbanizing, influencing politics.

Socialism under Nehru and Indira Gandhi taxed urban areas, leading to India's infamous "Hindu rate of growth."

Liberalization in 1991 boosted growth, but urban areas still carry tax burden, driving new political parties.