Make Sense of the Hellish Rioting in France

Riots in French banlieues as mobs protest police-involved death of Nahel M, torching state buildings.

Decades of French banlieue riots tied to youth deaths, arrests, and police confrontations, igniting unrest.

Debate on riot causes: poverty and crime vs. failed estate regeneration and bureaucratic solutions.

France's urban efforts, from FNRU to ZUS, reflect bureaucratic shortcomings and lack of innovation.

France's law decline, police inaction, no-go zones, colonial resentment fuel discrimination and anger.

In 1976 Grenoble, Glenn walked alone post-11:00 pm. Quiet cities, except lone Muslim North Africans.

In France, immigrants feel foreign. Clash of cultures due to laïcité, Islam struggle, identity tension.

France: State dominance, Paris power, centralized control fuel frustration, perpetuate unrest since 1789.