Make Sense of the 2023 Spanish Elections

Spain's July 23 election inconclusive, no majority, potential 2023 election due to ongoing political shifts.

Spanish politics: 4 main parties, Basque, Catalonia regions, tension, independence issues, Puigdemont in exile.

Regional parties weakened, national parties won, no coalition due to ideological differences and member concerns.

Vox's Franco legacy, PP split risks coalition, no Med far-right wave, Spain's polarization, culture impacts election.

Corruption hit PP, emergence of Podemos, Ciudadanos. Vox impact led to incumbents' loss due to negative voting.

Sánchez's split reputation, outsider PM, successful no-confidence vote, labeled Machiavellian for the move.

Critics urge elections for corruption, Sánchez's alliance toxic, lacks stability, neither party likely to reach majority.

Puigdemont arrest, ideological divisions hinder coalitions, Spain's EU presidency at risk due to political instability.