Make Sense of Israel’s New Tumultuous Judicial Reform

Knesset passes contentious law limiting Supreme Court power, Netanyahu government aims for judicial reform.

Reforms curtail Supreme Court, alter judge selection, and challenge legal adviser authority amid controversy.

Israel's current coalition: Likud, religious parties, Bibi formed it in Dec. 2022, known for right-leaning stance.

Israeli Supreme Court disqualifies Dery due to criminal history and loyalty concerns, sparking political backlash.

Protesters demand scrapping reforms, Bibi's resignation. Military, legal figures oppose. Democracy, rule of law at risk.

Israel's decline: Ultra-orthodox rise, extremism grows, Bibi allies for political power amidst demographic changes.

Proportional representation in Israel elevates small parties, grants disproportionate power to ultra-orthodox.

Israel's Knesset power shift risks authoritarianism, Bibi's reforms spark protests against unchecked authority.