Macron Wants to Break Up Stoltenberg’s New Love Affair


NATO, founded in 1949, aimed to promote peace in Europe, acting as a powerful military alliance against Soviet influence.

NATO formed with industrialized nations near the North Atlantic, encompassing areas north of the Tropic of Cancer.

NATO portrayed itself as a potent alliance for peace, avoiding direct military intervention in geopolitics to promote security.

NATO emerged during the Cold War, countering communism and capitalism, with both sides possessing nuclear weapons.

Post-Soviet collapse, NATO underwent radical changes, expanding despite the absence of a communist military threat.

NATO and Japan agreed on a new partnership, but France's veto prevented the creation of a NATO office in Tokyo.

Stoltenberg proposed a Tokyo liaison office, emphasizing Japan's vital partnership with NATO as their closest ally.

NATO's "Newspeak" ignores the first definition due to the substantial distances between Tokyo, Brussels, and Washington.