BY: Peter Isackson

Lost your Job to AI? It’s “The Economy, Stupid!”

Two major events in 2022: Russian invasion of Ukraine and public release of ChatGPT, impacting history and economy.

Public fascination turned to fear as ChatGPT's human-like expression raised concerns about AI dominance and academic cheating.

Media uncovers AI's impact on employment, with concerns over job displacement and cataclysmic workforce reorganization.

Authors present evidence of AI impact: marketing and social media content writers being replaced by chatbots.

Article acknowledges AI's limitations in writing skills and bias, highlighting the unique moral sense possessed by humans.

In our non-ideal world, quantity holds a competitive advantage over quality due to monetary evaluation, unlikely to shift.

Goodness carries a price tag in today's world, limited in numbers and expensive, failing to meet mass market demands.

AI and robots replace humans in job market, performing tasks like holding conversations, writing songs, and producing code.