Living On A Smoke Bomb: September 11th, Climate-Change-Style

By: Tom Engelhardt

New York had its worst pollution day ever, surpassing all major cities, reminiscent of a climate-change version of 9/11.

June 7th marked a glimpse of the horrors to come as we face an overheating planet with escalating dangers.

Canada's unprecedented fires burning from west to east would have been unimaginable in my youth. The scale is beyond comprehension.

Canada faced a severe lack of firefighters despite importing help, as its fiercest fire season signals a daunting future.

NBC nightly news highlighted the Canadian fires and New York's smoke disaster but strangely neglected to mention climate change.

The smoke-out on June 7th could be seen as a climate-change equivalent of September 11, 2001, but with contrasting outcomes.

Reflect on the fact that there have been no consequences in the US for disastrous invasions and lies from top officials.

Despite a lack of victories since 1991, the US military receives massive funding without facing any consequences or budget cuts.

The US military receives endless funding, with no apparent ceiling, as seen in recent demands for more money amid debt-ceiling debates.