Know why International aid doesn't reach Palestinians diverted by Hamas 


Hamas has three main supporters: Iran, Qatar and Turkey. They provide millions of dollars of financial support to the organization.

Iran, Qatar, and Turkey are the primary financial backers of Hamas. This support plays a crucial role in sustaining the organization and its activities.

Sadly, a significant portion of international aid intended for the Palestinians does not reach them.

Hamas diverts these resources to build tunnels and procure weapons, leaving the Palestinian population in a difficult situation.

The diversion of aid by Hamas puts the already struggling Palestinian population in a tough spot. 

They are left to grapple with the consequences of this redirection of resources. While peace treaties may be strategically beneficial for many parties.

the Palestinians often find themselves excluded from the benefits. They have yet to see significant gains from these agreements.

Peace treaties, though beneficial for many, have not yielded substantial benefits for the Palestinians.

Current situation demands reevaluating aid distribution to genuinely benefit the Palestinian population.

Addressing the diversion of aid by Hamas is crucial for alleviating the humanitarian crisis faced by the Palestinians.