BY: KJ Singh

Khalistani Terrorists Now Threaten Both India and the West

Punjab: Land of five rivers, small in size but influential with two prime ministers, successful entrepreneurs, and notable personalities.

Partition divided Punjab, but it thrived with the green revolution. Post-1971, Pakistan sought revenge after Bangladesh's independence.

Pakistan fueled trouble in Kashmir and Punjab with Khalistan terrorists. Decade-long violence ended when India regained control.

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The reign of terror by Khalistani terrorists was underestimated, despite the Air India flight bombing in 1985 that killed 329 people.

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West downplayed Khalistani terrorism as ethnic strife, leading to serious misjudgments in Germany, UK, Australia, and Canada.

The West is now questioning the pro-Khalistan movement, with The Bloom Review expressing concern over its extremist fringe ideology.

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Khalistanis in the UK threaten Sikh community members, pursuing an ethno-nationalist agenda and inciting violence in India.

Ethnic cleansing in 1947 drove out Sikhs from Pakistan. Khalistanis ignore it due to Pakistan's support and dependency.

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