BY: Rohan Bedi

Kautilyan Perspective on How India Should Sort Out China

Modi inherited weak defense policy, lacked clear strategy against China-Pakistan, faced corruption in defense imports.

Modi must modernize defense policy, economize post-COVID, use tech to counter nuclear-armed neighbors amidst costly conflicts.

Nehru's defense policy lacked teeth, relying on non-violence. He considered scrapping the army, relying on police for security.

Nehru ignored Kashmir invasion, neglected military, feared coup, excluded military from policy, lacked strategic understanding.

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Modi empowers military with CDS and theater commands, enhancing defense diplomacy and effectiveness post-Independence.

Modi govt boosts domestic defense industry, enhances exports, technology transfer, and self-reliance through policy reforms.

India's BRO builds critical infrastructure, secures borders with advanced technologies, emulating Israel's security measures.

India fortifies Myanmar border, tackles northeast insurgents, launches National Cyber Security Strategy 2023.