Justin Trudeau Is Now Playing a Risky Game With India


India-Canada relations strained. Canada withdrew diplomats amid accusations of Indian involvement in a murder.

Nijjar, who came to Canada in 1997, faced citizenship challenges before becoming a citizen in 2007.

Image Credit: Times Now / timesnownews.com

Nijjar advocated Khalistan, an independent Sikh state, linked to the 1980s insurgency and CIA concerns.

India viewed Nijjar as an extremist, with allegations of terrorism and Interpol's Red Notice.

India's reaction tied to historical allegations of Canada harboring Sikh terrorists, including Air India bombing.

Parmar and Reyat of extremist group Babbar Khalsa were arrested but later acquitted, no extradition.

Canada failed to prevent and mishandled the Air India bombing, leading to a public inquiry.

Trudeau's non-extradition policy fueled Sikh extremism in Canada, ignoring Indian security concerns.