Journalists Under Attack as Egypt Tries to Bury Smuggling Case


Zambian authorities seized 2 planes: 1 with gold, cash, weapons, and detained 10 suspects, including Egyptians.

Zambia's Ministry of Minerals revealed the seized gold was fake, sparking an international fraud investigation.

Egyptian media links Dubai-based Flying Group Middle East to gold smuggling in African conflict zones.

UAE-linked gold smuggling, Saheeh Masr probes plane's ties to conflict areas and government officials.

Matsda2sh, an Egyptian site, unveiled the identities of detained Egyptians through a Zambian court document.

Michael Adel Michel Botros: Goldsmith, movie producer, owner of Amstone Int'l, an Egyptian defense firm.

Egyptian firm, partnered with 5 global companies, manufactures military tech locally, aligning with political vision.

Botros chaired Qatar's Al Manara Holding, which claimed a $6 billion Oman project, later debunked as fictitious.