Journalism Takes On the Great Pasta Inflation Crisis

By:  Peter Isackson

News media informs and raises awareness, journalists have civic duty to report significant events and provide essential perspective.

News media serves a purpose beyond serious events, providing entertainment, social gossip, and diverse content for conversations.

Responsible media distinguishes story types and urgency, but some outlets prioritize attracting readers over accuracy.

Dramatic headlines like "Italy convenes talks on skyrocketing pasta prices" exemplify journalistic practices that exaggerate issues.

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ABC's reporter highlights the seriousness of the pasta price crisis with alarming statistics, a consecutive 17.5% and 16.5% rise.

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The reported rise in pasta prices over two months is a year-on-year comparison, resulting in an average 17% annual inflation rate.

Ogao's article lacks additional figures, but a more informative CBS News article states that pasta prices jumped 17.5%.

CBS News taps monetary-focused journalist Elizabeth Napolitano to cover the intriguing yet alarmist story on Italy and pasta.