Japan and Australia Cooperate in the South China Sea

Aus & Japan's Trident 2023 exercise bolsters ties, sends united message to assertive China in South China Sea.

Japan-Aus Indo-Pacific 2023 drill showcased tactical naval and air ops for anti-surface and anti-air warfare.

War games in disputed waters focused on anti-surface, anti-air warfare, JMSDF ships joined after Vietnam.

JMSDF and RAN enhance Indo-Pacific security through strong ties, interoperability, and mutual understanding.

Key exercise bolsters Japan-Australia ties, advances Indo-Pacific unity against China's territorial challenges.

Japan, Australia united against China's maritime aggression, joint drill enhances regional security preparedness.

Japan, Australia pact allows mutual troop deployment, solidifying key defense partnership and cooperation.

Japan's PM Kishida introduced Indo-Pacific strategy for global responsibility at Shangri-La Dialogue 2022.