Italy's Horrific Migration Policies Exacerbate Lampedusa's Urgent Situation 

BY: Fellipe Lopes

Italian plea for European aid after anti-migration speech as Lampedusa tensions persist, affecting thousands.

Lampedusa, a vital Mediterranean transition, faced tragedies in 13 years due to inefficiencies in handling refugees.

Europe faces a "policy crisis," neglecting the universal right to seek asylum amid mislabeled "migration crisis."

EU aims to militarize borders, criminalizing migrants and rescue groups. Salvini's "act of war" claim is false.

Lampedusa crisis: 6000 refugees in 24 hrs overwhelm resources, leaving people on streets without essentials.

Jack, a Senegalese refugee, rescued after three days at sea, seeks a secure European haven for work and family.

Migrants from Gambia, Senegal, Tunisia, and Sudan seek food in the town center, locals form NGO support.

NGO offers aid at church, volunteers communicate, showcasing Italy's diversity beyond anti-migratory rhetoric.