Israel Moves to Round Two of Its Democracy Stress Test

Right-wing Knesset shifts court doctrine, advancing plan to reshape judicial authority in Israel's governance.

Israel's Knesset removes "reasonableness" for court oversight, sparks broad opposition and nationwide protests.

Opponents persist, challenge law, ironic court review echoes historic Marbury v. Madison, testing authority limits.

Netanyahu's coalition: Likud allies with far-right, ultra-Orthodox, anti-Arab factions, dissent on court rulings persists.

Frustrated coalition emulates GOP tactics, seeks to alter core democratic court checks and balances in Israel.

Coalition targets court's authority: new justices chosen by Knesset, aiming for more right-wing influence.

Knesset reform threatens court, democracy's powers, risks religious-state shift, unchecked West Bank changes.

Knesset pause, PM delays reform, brewing judicial clash, opposition resists, polls shift, Netanyahu's party weakens.