Is There a US–Iran “Non-Agreement”?


Speculation arises about a potential "non-agreement" between the US and Iran, despite no official confirmation.

In 2015, Iran and P5+1 nations, including the US, agreed to JCPOA, trading nuclear limits for sanctions relief.

US-Iran nuclear deal: Obama's success, GOP opposed. Trump exited 2018. Iran resumed uranium enrichment.

Biden aimed to revive JCPOA or find alternative. Talks started but stalled due to Iran's remote negotiation.

JCPOA's fate doubted, yet talks continued with mediation. Blinken's move and Iran's uranium cap emerged.

US: Prisoner release for $6B fund release, Iraq debt payment, rising Iranian oil exports, but sanctions remain.

No formal agreement due to Republican opposition and Biden's election concerns regarding Iran issue's impact.

JCPOA restart promise faces Iran hurdles. Non-agreement curbs weapons, offers dual success approach.