BY: Mehdi Alavi

Is the US Presidency Actually a Powerful Dictatorship?

US presidency selection undemocratic. President not elected by popular vote. Electoral college process corrupt over time.

Founding fathers feared presidential imperialism. Separation of powers into three branches: executive, legislative, and judiciary.

"Checks and balances" system lets each branch challenge others. Judiciary can overrule unconstitutional laws/acts at state/federal levels.

Checks and balances: president can veto Congress, Congress can override and confirm/reject nominations. Can lead to division.

US presidents can make crucial decisions via executive orders. Biden canceled $10,000 of student debt, costing $400bn.

Executive orders are like "instant laws" that don't need Congress' approval, but can be overturned by the Supreme Court.

FDR issued 3,721 executive orders, only five overturned. Trump used them to make big policy changes without Congress.

President's nuclear powers are alarming. As commander-in-chief, he has exclusive access to the nuclear codes and can cause destruction.