BY: John Feffer

Is the US Helping or Pressuring Ukraine Now?

US quickly supported Ukraine after Russia's 2022 invasion. Biden had warned Zelensky of intervention. $31B military aid provided.

US leads campaign to support Ukraine with sanctions, assistance, and energy supply diversification to reduce reliance on Russia.

US supports Ukraine but exercises caution, avoids military commitment and supplying certain weapon systems.

Biden balances military aid and caution amidst a world divided into pro-Russia, pro-Ukraine, and neutral factions.

US expands ties with allies, isolates Russia's supporters, and warns against supplying Russia with weapons.

Unclear US policy on Ukraine conflict and Russia's role in post-war transatlantic relations and containment of China.

East-West relations bleak. War in Ukraine. Arms control dead. Cold war looming. Minsk agreements uncertain.

The US will decide its involvement in Ukraine's conflict. Biden's administration favors low-risk commitment for now.