Is the Indo-American Relationship Being Handled With Intelligence?

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Indian PM Narendra Modi's visit to the US garners hype as a defining step in strengthening strategic ties and meeting expectations.

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The visit emphasized its significance with defense deals, technology transfer, formal events, and publicity, covering multiple aspects effectively.

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Examining beyond the hype, making tough choices can foster a lasting strategic partnership between the world's largest democracies.

US expectations of Indian compliance and a patron-client relationship remain due to the enduring power asymmetry, particularly in defense.

India's strategic autonomy, non-alignment stance, and complex agreements limit expectations in the promised relationship with the US.

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To counter China, India aligns with the Quad while recognizing its limitations and not expecting direct military support.

Border tensions and Chinese aggression shifted India's focus to self-reliance, decoupling, and standing up against bullies.

Xi's actions pushed India closer to the US, creating a strategic gap and positioning India to counterbalance Beijing.