Is Palestinian Popularity a Challenge for MBS?


Since Hamas's October 7 offensive, Saudi Arabia strives to depict normalcy, downplaying Gaza's impact on daily life.

JPMorgan and Citigroup CEOs, along with 6,000 business leaders, attended Saudi's investment conference, boosting confidence.

MBS joins global esports conference in Riyadh with Cristiano Ronaldo, launching the first esports world cup.

Saudi media touts MBS's reforms and Riyadh Season, omitting Gaza-related disruptions like Mohamed Salam's withdrawal.

Saudi regime addresses Palestine cautiously, portraying a statesmanlike image in war discussions for diplomacy.

Prince Turki Al Faisal criticizes Hamas and accuses Israel of funding the designated terrorist group.

MBS may have prompted Prince Turki's claim due to rivalry, especially after Qatari successes upstaged MBS.

MBS confronts a challenge as Israel commends Qatar's vital role in humanitarian efforts amid the conflict.