Is Diplomacy a Useless Relic of the Romantic Past?

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Geopolitical shift evident after Putin's Ukraine invasion, leading to global divide between West and Global South.

US activated NATO for Ukraine, acknowledging de facto alliance. Biden vowed Russia accountability post-invasion.

NATO used Ukraine against Russia. US backed Ukraine to weaken Russia. Biden aimed at removing Putin.

World saw history unfold: global shift looming. Despite NATO, Ukraine disintegrated, society depopulated.

Was change triggered in Feb 2022 or post-Soviet collapse? West challenges rules, but shift started earlier.

Harper's article by Schwarz and Layne examines diplomacy shifts, questioning U.S.-Russia dynamics in Ukraine.

1815-1991 relic: Emblem of unilateral conflict resolution, war and diplomacy shaping shifting "world orders.

US history: Mythic "first Thanksgiving" masks war, exploitation, competitive spirit, and unequal relations.