BY: James M. Dorsey

Is a New Islamic Conservatism on the Horizon?

Elianu Hia's Facebook video challenging hijab policy sparks controversy, shaping Indonesian policy and impacting his life.

Indonesia's Religious Affairs Minister and counterparts warn of sanctions on schools imposing religious garb against government regulations.

School complies as Christian girls increasingly choose not to wear hijab, while Mr. Hia faces numerous threatening messages.

Business decline forces Mr. Hia to downsize, sell assets, and consider moving due to financial difficulties.

Mr. Hia's experience reflects the dynamic shifts in the Muslim world, ranging from individuality to public adherence to religious norms.

Swings in Muslim world influence Islamic scholars' standing, impacting their alignment with autocratic rulers and social reforms.

Swings in Muslim world may hinder Nahdlatul Ulama's calls for Islamic law reform in Indonesia outside its stronghold.

Swings in Muslim world suggest a resurgence of political Islam following setbacks faced by groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.