Iraq’s Massive, Peaceful Annual Arba’een Pilgrimage Is Beginning Now

Arba'een's record-worthy: massive gathering, long table, free meals, brave volunteers, despite security risks.

Arba'een ignored by media's negativity bias. Inspiring peaceful event in defiance of terror deserves attention.

21M defy Covid, terrorism, unite at Arba’een, displaying interfaith solidarity in Iraq's unprecedented gathering.

Arba’een: Honors Husayn's tragic death. Millions gather in Karbala to commemorate revered Islamic occasion.

Husayn's tragic death shaped Islamic history, inspiring generations through his heroic legacy and family bonds.

Husayn's life: Prophet's farewell, last pilgrimage, religious reminders, marked by early tragedy and family love.

Heir Ali named leader, allegiance given. Husayn inherits but faces tragedy - mother's death defending Ali.

Fatima saved her family, Shi'as after her death. Ali ruled reluctantly after riots, under Quran and traditions.