Iran Has History of Persecuting Minorities: Might This Change Now?


Iran's protests unite diverse groups, face brutal crackdown by IRGC in streets of cities, towns, and villages.

Ayatollah's crackdown fails as Iranians resist scapegoating for regime's corruption and mismanagement.


Iranian security killed 525 protesters since Sept 2022. Sham trials, executions continue but protests persist against police brutality.

Iran protests challenge regime's security apparatus with unprecedented unity in over 200 cities, exhausting security forces.

Iranian regime scapegoats Kurds, opposition groups, Arabs, and Baluch for unrest and receives aid from foreign services.

Scapegoating minorities fails as Iranians reject regime's phony claims and show nationwide solidarity by chanting slogans in Kurdish.

Kurds in Iran concentrated in four provinces, including Kurdistan, Kermanshah, and West Azerbaijan, and have a history of rebellion.

Previous regimes led by Reza Shah and his son Mohammad Reza Shah also persecuted Iranian Kurds, crushing a 1967 uprising.