BY:  Saleem Samad

Indigenous People in Bangladesh Suffer as Government Drags Feet

In Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh, indigenous people suffer due to government's non-compliance with the peace accord.

PCJSS signed CHT Peace Accord with Sheikh Hasina's government, ending a two-decade insurgency in southeast Bangladesh.

Parliament ratified the accord, combatants surrendered, and ethnic refugees returned from squalid camps in Tripura.

Shantu Larma laments lack of accord implementation after 25 years, with only partial fulfillment of provisions and clauses.

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CHT peace accord provisions ignored, elected councils not formed. Government's implementation efforts remain uncertain.

Despite challenges, Shantu Larma hopes for accord's realization by golden jubilee, bringing elusive peace to indigenous peoples.

Government's lack of seriousness evident as CHT Peace Accord Implementation Committee holds only six meetings in 25 years.

Government bears sole responsibility for implementing peace accord, warns of potential anger and division among hill people.