BY:  Sajid Yousuf Shah

India’s G20 Summit in Kashmir Is a Big Deal

The G20, consisting of 19 countries and the EU, is the top forum for global economic cooperation, shaping global governance.

India holds G20 presidency from Dec 2022-Nov 2023. IMF's MD states India's potential to unite countries due to its diversity.

India leads global growth, hosting G20 in Srinagar with theme “One Earth, One Family, One Future.” Kashmir integration significant.

Kashmiris are proud to host the G20 summit, showcasing their culture and tourism. Young people are eager to engage with leaders.

Kashmir sees G20 summit as economic milestone. Region is peaceful, educated, and grew by 14.64% in 2021-22 despite COVID-19.

Western media, including NPR, paint a bleak picture of Kashmir, but young people prioritize peace, environment, and economic growth.

Pakistan's role in Kashmir since 1947 has caused setbacks, while India's policies since 2019 have led to optimism and growth.

G20 summit a boon to Kashmir. New Delhi invests in infrastructure and local training. Event likely to boost economy significantly.