BY: Peter Isackson

Indian Resistance to an Anti-China Coalition of the Willing

Ashley J Tellis explains in Foreign Policy why India won't align with the US against China, given current dynamics.

Biden defines world order as autocracy versus democracy, emphasizing liberty, opportunity, and justice thriving in democracy.

Indian democracy aligning with the US against China is not guaranteed due to historical conflicts and military interoperability.

Interoperability of technology is crucial in modern warfare, regardless of shared ideology or military goals. Compatibility is key.

Biden expects democracy to lead to ideological interoperability, but ideology alone doesn't win wars, goals matter.

India resists operational integration with the US, prioritizing political autonomy and multipolar world dynamics.

US and China seek to stabilize relations, with emphasis on resolving Taiwan issue and upholding the "one China" principle.

Burns's remark shows India's uncertain alignment with the US on military matters, suggesting a shift in the US-China rivalry narrative.