BY: Rohan Bedi

India Now Needs Kautilyan Toughness With Pakistan

Partition in 1947 led to the independence of India and Pakistan. Pakistan's involvement in cross-border terrorism has been a concern.  

Tribesmen killed, enslaved, and raped in Kashmir, preventing Pakistani control. Atrocities occurred during partition but were ultimately halted.

Pakistan has employed terrorism as a state policy, leading to conflicts in 1965 and perpetrating genocide in Bangladesh.

India's foreign policy under Modi is more robust, including cross-border military strikes. Long-term peace requires toughness with Pakistan.

India's weak response to terror attacks is often attributed to corruption within the police force, with some officers aiding terrorists.

Corrupt police officers enable cross-border smuggling, posing a grave national security threat in India's fight against terrorism.

Mumbai attacks: Weak responses, ISI involvement exposed Indian security inadequacies and institutional weaknesses.

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Police in India face corruption, low pay, inadequate resources, poor mental health. Urgent reform and support are needed.