India Is Growing Confident in Its New Role as a Powerful Nation

Unexpected call in Mumbai. Ex-CIA agent's past resurfaces. India's government invites him to learn about BJP.

India's government refutes criticism, offers an insider's view to dispel biases and share their vision.

BJP's vision: Transform India into a Hindu nation, rooted in Hindutva, after centuries of non-Hindu rule.

Hindutva asserts Hinduism's role in Indian culture, diverging from colonial and post-independence secularism.

Hindutva divides India: Congress criticizes, Hindu majority supports, Modi likely to win 2024 reelection.

Hindutva ignites national pride but sparks dissent and protests post-Modi election, dismissed by BJP supporters.

India's economic growth evident in infrastructure and rising aspirations, but poverty decline predates BJP's rule.

India sheds bureaucratic hurdles, climbing to 63rd in the World Bank's "Ease of Doing Business" report.