BY: Rohan Bedi

India and US in the New World

India and Russia have deep historic ties, with shared ideologies and military support, fostering a strong bond even today.

Russia's neighbors have painful memories of historical events, leading to strained relationships and a desire for NATO protection.

Russia's aggression in the Ukraine conflict prompts India to reevaluate its close ties and seek distance from Moscow.

During the 1962 war with China, Russia withheld military support from India and urged compromise on border issues.

Russia suffers sanctions, economic crisis, embraces cryptocurrency, invests in trade route from occupied Ukraine with Iran.

Russia's financial system relies on China, with its own alternative to SWIFT and integration with China's payment system.

The prolonged Russia-Ukraine war raises concerns for India, particularly regarding the duration and arms involved.

India's heavy reliance on outdated Russian technology poses a supply chain issue, and the US offers assistance in replacement.