Imagine What Russia Might Look Like in 2040

BY: Gary Grappo

In 2040, Putin's imperial dream failed as Russia is a second-rate power, relying on nuclear weapons and UN seat.

Russia's population, which peaked at 142 million before the Ukraine invasion, has already fallen below 120 million in 2040 due to casualties and migration.

Russian population decline continues due to economic issues and lack of interest in having families, leading to youth emigration.

Russian demographics show deaths exceed births by half a million. Ethnic Russians now 60% of population, with low fertility rates and emigration.

Russia's population decline is due to many reasons, including the economy and sanctions that limit technology and exports.


The world is rapidly moving beyond traditional sources of oil and gas, damaging Russia's economy heavily reliant on exports.

Lower oil and gas prices hurt the Russian budget, causing revenue decline, reduced public investment, and lower social welfare payments.

Russia's economy, now around $2.5 trillion, has declined due to heavy reliance on China, with most exports and imports flowing there.