How Yoga Spread and Transformed World Religions

By: Subhash Kak

Yoga teachers spread worldwide, transforming local traditions, yoga studios now found everywhere, even in small towns globally.

Yoga and tantra spread from the Himalayas to China, Japan, Tibet, Southeast Asia, Samarkand, Bukhara, and the Slavic lands.

Yoga migrated to Central Asia for centuries. Today, it intertwines personal well-being with consciousness, aligning with scientific frontiers.

Āsanas bridge body and consciousness. Pranayama and meditation prepare us to recognize and control the realm of mind and awareness.

Consciousness captivates scientists, with potential for self-awareness and conscious machines shaping technology and society profoundly.

Indian civilization holds the self, ātmā or Shiva, at the heart of consciousness. Kashmir sees it as "Light," united through yoga.

Shiva as light, the male principle. The body, the domain of Shakti, the goddess. Yoga unites Shiva and Shakti, light and knowledge.

Shiva sculptures have multiple faces symbolizing omnipresence, with different faces representing various qualities and directions.