How the UK’s Illegal Migration Bill Squares With International Refugee Law

UK's Illegal Migration Bill endangers protection seekers, violates constitutional, Human Rights Act, IRL, and IHRL.

Racist laws fail to halt migration, leading to costly detention and uncertainty. Proposed amendments denied.

UK's Conservatives pass Illegal Migration Act, barring asylum for those passing safe nations, enabling deportation.

UK law bars unauthorized asylum, enforces return or "safe" third country. Barge debate amid Channel crossings.

Critics condemn brutal, ineffective asylum deportation act; UNHR warns of legal concerns and global precedent.

Deportation flights to Rwanda delayed, legality pending Supreme Court decision due to stalled £140M agreement.

New UK law weakens proud asylum tradition, endangers refugees, breaches international obligations (IRL, IHRL).

UK act excludes asylum seekers despite human rights violations, violating international law and children's rights.