How Special Is a Diamond, Really?

By: Garima Garg

Nothing Lasts Forever": Diamond industry thrives on layers of deceit, an alluring yet manipulative foundation.

Nothing Lasts Forever" explores synthetic diamonds challenging real ones, featuring industry experts and insiders.

Once disregarded, diamonds now shine through marketing, creating a $28B industry, mainly driven by US demand.

Creating an industry from thin air in capitalism spawns falseness, as synthetic diamonds mimic real ones.

De Beers counters with portable testers, yet distinguishing natural and lab-made diamonds remains impossible.

Fake licenses for real vs. lab-made diamonds emerged. De Beers, Rapaport now sell synthetic diamonds.

Diamonds expose capitalism's dark side: "blood diamonds," wars, frauds like Nirav Modi, fueled by exclusivity.

Diamond industry thrives on overpricing, exploiting consumers in the name of luxury and special occasions.