How Much is Your Data Worth to the Intelligence Community?

Before social media, information was called data. People produced data by researching and identifying facts, particularly statistics.

Data meant objectivity,  a resource for understanding. Raw data preferred, analyzed by experts to gain significance over information.

Toffler predicted the transformative "information age," surpassing the industrial revolution in economic and cultural impact.

1980: Mainframes industrial/military. Computing's potential in daily life emerged. Word processing enabled personal expression in data.

1990s: Internet and social media replaced data with information. IT became a major sector, replacing Data Processing.

Data replaced by information, changing its meaning. "Informing" shifted to a marketable commodity in the digital era.

WSJ: Commercially available information (CAI) replicates results of intrusive surveillance techniques due to its vast scale.

Old notion: sharing knowledge for benefit. New notion: buying and selling information as a commercial commodity.